“Infamous” the musical is an original work by playwright, David Owen Michaels.

This work explores the historical events that led to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln through the eyes of his killer, John Wilkes Booth and the manhunt that gripped the nation for the 12 days that immediately followed. Michaels uses a wide range in his musical composition, along with beautifully crafted lyrics that truly encapsulate the feel of the time. This work is now available for readings, workshops and productions. If you are interested in mounting an “Infamous” production, or exploring its possibilities, please contact Mr. Michaels through our contact page.


15 Years of experience teaching music

“This musical offers its audience something unlike any other. “INFAMOUS” is a dynamic, original, and unique piece of theater.”

David Owen Michaels.


I initially studied Musical Theater at Ohio Northern University with Directors Nils Reiss, Katriona McPhee, and Robert Behrens from 2003 to 2006. I ultimately received my
Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in 2013 in Music Education. I am
currently the Theater/Orchestra Director at Cuyahoga Heights High School and Middle School in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio. I have served as the Artistic Director for such shows as Grease, All Shook Up, The Jungle Book and Aladdin Jr and have also served as the Orchestra Director for several local productions including most recently, Avenue Q at St. Edward High School. Aside from my great love for theater, I also have a strong love for music. I started piano lessons at the age of five and have been composing music ever since I was a child. It is because of this love for both theater and music that I am very passionate about writing for musical theater. “Infamous” has been the culmination of ten years of hard work that has involved a great deal of research,
persistence and teamwork.




The protagonist of this story is John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. The musical “Infamous” deals with the circumstances and factors surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln from the perspective of John Wilkes Booth.

The scenery, costumes, and dialogue bring our audience into this deeply divided time period. The musical composition used throughout the work has used musical devices from the time period, including several songs popular in the time. There is also a sharp contrast in the musical style and instrumentation based on both Union and Confederate influences.

“Infamous” has a large ensemble cast, written in two acts that lasts approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.

We are entering the musical development stage, which means that we are beginning the process of conducting public readings and staged readings. We have the first public reading scheduled for this Spring at the Guarino’s Italian Restaurant in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood.

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